SCA Resume'

In 1976 my wife Laura (then girlfriend) told me about an SCA event that she had been to, in fact she had attended two events. Immediately we began searching for a chapter of the SCA in that town. In 1987 We found Dragons’ Laire and our hearts had found their home.

I hold my Lady with the highest regard and carry her favor with honor.

There for I put my SCA Resume' forth

HL Matuesz z Plocka

Joined the SCA and Dragons’ Laire in 1987 AS XXI

Offices and Jobs

Seneschal of Dragons’ Laire Apr. 1990 to Aug. 1992
Dragons Laire Spirit Makers Guild head 1994 to present.
Commander of Lights for the Barony of Dragons Laire 1995 to present.
Baronial Constable July 1996 to 1998


May Crown 1991
June Faire 1993
Barony of Dragons Laire Sargentry Yeoman Gallant trials 1996





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