Last Modified: Monday, February 26, 2001

Root Beer batch 1 February 26, 2001

Made by Matuesz, Wilferd, Oswald, Rycheza, Sari, Soraya, Ralg

We used the following Ingredients: 4 gallons of water, 8 cups of table sugar and one 60 ml bottle of Root Beer extract.

This is what we did.

7:45pm    Placed on the heat added sugar

8:25pm    Starting to cool down 4 gals liquid with wort chiller chilling from 150degrees to 85 degrees in 10 minutes.

8:45pm    Added root beer extract to the keg (so it will be self-stirring) and poured the 4 gals of cooled liquid into the keg.

8:50pm    Sealing the keg!  The plan will be to put the keg into the cold garage to get cooled, that way the CO2 will dissolve into the soda faster.

Note! We rolled the keg around and the top of the keg dribbled a little bit onto the floor. Theory: we need to pop a bit of pressure into the keg to seal the top for sure.

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