Last Modified: Sunday, October 04, 1998

Guild 5 year Mead

October 16, 1995
Boiled 2 gal Water and added 16+ cups of Raw Blackberry honey (aproximently 12 lbs)
Boiled for 30 Minutes skiming
Added 2 tsp yeast nuterient, 4 tsp acid blend.
Cooled to room temp with water and ice bath
Made starter with Prisse yeast at 90F
added 2 gals to carboy and added the must
og=0.068 @ 60F

March 9, 1996 Racked with Sparkloid (fining agent)
sg= 1.000 @ 57F

March 18, 1996 Bottling day, sg=0.997 @ 60F
Bottled 24 Wine bottles and Named the "Stumbling Bumble Bee"

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