Last Modified: Sunday, October 04, 1998

Baronial Batch for June Faire 1996

Started Mar 23, 1996

Recipe by Derek Lyons (aka Lord Theodoric the Scholar), Chuck Babcock, Matt Henson (aka HL Mateusz z Plocka)

1 Can Geordie mild scottish Ale
2 lbs M&F dry malt amber
1 lbs Wheat DME
1/4 lb roast barley 350L
1oz roast barley dark 500L
1 lbs crystal Malt 20L
1 lbs Special B 190L
1/4 lb chocolate malt 350L
1 oz Black Patent
1/2 oz Willamette Hops
1/4 teaspoon Irish Moss
W yeast 1028 London Yeast culture

14:11 Started the Steep
14:42 Started the Sparge
NOTE: Don't use a small pot. We used a 2gal pot and the bags displaced half of the volume.
14:45 End sparge
15:06 Added extract
15:35 Start boil and added 1/2 oz Willamette hops
15:50 Added Irish moss
16:35 End Boil, Began chilling in ice bath
17:36 og= 1.055 at 60 degrees F Pitched Yeast

March 4, 1996 Racked 5 full gallons sg=1.020 @60F

Costs of Brew
$ 2.00 Ice
$26.29 Grain
$ 2.00 Hops
$11.00 Bottles
$ 4.00 Yeast ------------------------
$45.29 Total
Donations from Guild Members $25.00 to date Mar 5, 1996 (Derek and Matt still need to be re-embersed)

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