Last Modified: Sunday, October 04, 1998

Baronial Batch for Candlemas

Started 18 Dec 1995

Recipe by Derek Lyons (aka Lord Theodoric the Scholar), Chuck Babcock, Matt Henson (aka HL Mateusz z Plocka)
1 Can Geordie mild scottish Ale
3 lbs M&F dry malt amber
1/4 lb roast barley light 350L
1/4 lb roast barley dark 500L
2 lbs crystal Malt 20L
1/4 lb chocolate malt 350L
W yeast 1028 London Yeast culture

Put grain in 2 grain bags slpit evenly
18:25 put to steep in 2 gallons 158 F water
18:32 stirred
18:40 stirred
18:55 Shifted grains to spare tub
19:00 2 gallons water added to brew kettle
19:04 added malt extract to Brew kettle
20:00 removed kettle from heat. placed in Cold water bath
20:05 Added Ice to sink
20:15 poured into Primary og 1.032 at 70F

27 Dec 1995 sg 1.027 at 70F
3 Jan Bottled
Conditioned between 60 to 65F

Opened first bottle 10 Feb 1996

19 Feb 96 Tasted and Judged at Dragons Laire Spirtmakers Guild
Need to add hops for better balance.

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