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Matt Henson, Provides consulting in MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Win98, Windows 2000 and XP & WinNT, Novell 1.5- 5 and a full range of business software in the Kitsap County area. Certified NetWare Engineer (CNE) since 1993 and MCP since 1999
Laura Henson provides Desktop Publishing, Newsletters, and Web Designs. Laura also provides beginner training on MS Windows, Word, and Excel.

    At Matt's place of full time employment, Public Utility District #1 of Kitsap County Washington, he is currently the Fiber Optic Outside Plant Project Director. Performing pre-bid plant Engineering and Construction Project Management. Matt is also the Joint-Use Coordinator for both pole attachments and joint-trench applications. Matt's job also requires the supervising of "as-builts", mapping and data entry.

Previously Matt was the Wireless Pilot Project Manager and before that  the Network Manager were he maintained a network with Novell, NT, OS2, Linux and UNIX servers.

In our off time we help several small business with their networks.

    Issues that we help with are teaching data backup strategies and disaster recovery planning, not to mention Virus and Spyware protection. Many of our clients have had poor or no data backup before we were called to help. Just remember your insurance payment won't be able to replace your customer records.

     Laura has done some very nice work in web designs. to see some take a look at  her Kitsap Literary Scene site. Laura has co-authored the children's book "Ten Little Elvi" through Tri-cycle Press .

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Psst Pass it on!   You may have heard of several : The sick boy in an English hospital asking for business/birthday/get well cards, The Neiman Marcus cookie recipe, warnings about flashing lights on the highway, Free trips to Disneyland for forwarding e-mail. The bottom line is anytime you receive an e-mail asking you to forward it to all your friends, check it out! Almost all of them will be hoaxes!!  NEW! Here are some links to my favorite Security Sites and Hoax Busters. Stop Spam and Email chain letters. If you get an email that has the words "Pass it on" please check the Security Sites list first. 

We are also members of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a non-profit educational society dedicated to the recreation of the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

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